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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Price List and Availablility

I am just going to keep a list of everything I have for sale and the prices here, I will update this at  the very least once a month as that is really my new build times of release.

everything I sell should be available through


just search the building name and it should come up

you can also order direct from me, I provide a paypal invoice and when paid I send the item out.

I keep my prices as low as I can and only charge whatever the postage and packing cost is to me, I am happy to sell worldwide. all of my builds are flat packed and need piecing together and are unpainted resin casts

this list is purely as you see a list, all pictures of the sets are in sections on this site, and all prices are not including postage, which will of coarse be calculated at point of sale.

20mm scale 1/76th scale buildings

Hotel Ruin                                      £60
Euro corner Ruin                            £25
Single City Block 1                        £25
Single City Block 2                        £25
Single City Block 3                        £25
Farmhouse Ruin                             £25
Euro Road Bridge                          £50
Euro Road Bridge Extra Section   £20
Railway Bridge                              £40
Railway Bridge Extra Section       £15
General House Ruin 1                   £25
Juno Beach House                         £25
Public House Ruin                         £25
Barn                                               £25
Street Shop Ruins 3 set                 £45
Street Shop Ruin 4 set                   £60
Street Shop Ruin  5 Set                £75
Bunker Set (3 Bunkers)                £50
Machine Gun Bunker                   £15
Medium Bunker                           £20
Command Bunker                        £25

15mm Scale
Bunker set (3 Bunkers)                £30
Machine Gun Bunker                  £10
Medium Bunker                           £12
Command Bunker                        £15

All Scales

Rubble Piles (5)                           £10
if you have any questions or enquiries please don't hesitate to ask here or at

Farmhouse Ruin 20mm

Now available £25 plus postage direct from me or here

will give a hobbyden link when its up

Latest project (well it was when I wrote this) is done and dusted, I have decided a few more rural buildings are needed so first up was the old farmhouse ruin. as I went along though I decided to try a few different things, one was in the way of an experiment and the other in adding even more detail.

first up then was the attempt to add some sort of creeper tree to the facia, I am reasonably happy with how it looks, it does have the desired effect and when cast it should look even better (different materials on masters always need a little imagination for final look).

second was to start adding some kind of guttering and drainpipe works, I know you can buy these but its part of my process to start adding them and over time I will get better, the actual guttering I came across a way of doing it by complete accident but lets just say it gave me a way of adding other detail too (roof top curved finish).

anyway picture time, I have added some internal floors and lightly rubbled them up, its a big dilemma really because I want the pieces to be playable so if I fill them with rubble maybe they won't so for now I leave it to the gamer to add, I'm going to do a small upper and attic floor too, the stairs I can use some from other models as the height dimensions are the same for all my sets.

front with creeper tree, also the doors are separate so can be fixed as required

all finished and cast, as usual the first cast always has miscasts but this helps me to make sure the next are spot on


European Corner Ruin 20mm scale

inspired by the picture shown, a general city ruin for any European setting, not much more to say but when I originally made this piece it was a step forward in detailing for me and the technique I use now

blown out windows and plaster revealing brickwork

rear damage so that the whole piece has personality (like me)

the technique I learned when doing this now carries through on all my builds

inner floors

Rubble Piles all scales

I make these from any excess resin when I am casting, they are from the innards of some old moulds and to be honest would fit any scale for tabletop debris to individual miniature bases.

they measure about 80mm x 80mm, I am making them available in sets of 5 and will work on some bomb craters too when i can get some plaster ordered.

Wooden Barn 20mm scale

Everyone likes a barn................don't you? anyway I saw it as a must so here is mine, this will be available in 3-4 setups as the side and rear sheds are addons and you can buy what you need. its a simple build so not much to say really other than I went for a rickety corrugated steel roof effect.

no pictures yet (no idea why) but there is a shed section for either side and a rear one too

Atlantic Wall and Beyond 20mm and 15mm scales

Three that's the magic number, so here are three bunkers that are on their way pretty soon, I have made some atlantic wall sections too and rear trenches, but they need a little reworking (sandbags too big) so I will picture them when ready, but for now here are my three bunkers. These are now available in 15mm scale and these pictured in 20mm scale are exact replicas and are top of my list to get moulded

one nice little coincidence is that the texture of the foam in foamboard along with the paper layer on either side when cut and stacked gives the perfect illusion of layer poured concrete, which was how these bunkers were made.

The built up areas of the bunkers I will texture too before casting, I might have already done it but the box is at the bottom and I am too lazy to double check at the time of typing this :grin:

again they will be available separately and they are 20mm scale...........I have been asking of late and it is possible that my pieces may be workable with 15mm, but that is open to debate at this time, I will get to some shows and do some research on them in the coming weeks

here we go the cast 15mm versions